504 Craft Beer

A beer store with taps, and much more. Folks in Mid City shop will great you with a smile, and always put you on to something new. • 3939 Tulane Ave, New Orleans, LA 70119

504 craft beer photo - nolaplaces - may, 2020

Go For: Mix & match beer singles, plenty of craft brews, and a deep international selection of mostly European (and some Asian) breweries.

504 Craft Beer Reserve sits at the top of Mid City near Tulane and Carrollton, and it was among the first new places on the revived Tulane corridor. This is the Nola Place you go to purchase cans and bottles of beer from local, national, and international breweries — every beer in the store is available to mix and match.

Founded by good pals — Patrick Brown and Jason Paulin — who sought to put beer forward in a New Orleans’ retail experience. This is the spot I come to when I want to see what the guys have up their sleeve, it’s the place I go just to check on the rotating taps, and it’s a great place to take out-of-town beer geeks who are looking to depart with a variety of Louisiana brews.

Hundreds of unique beers, most chilled, from more than 30 countries, and 504 Craft also has a about dozen beers on tap.

Get a growler, mix a six pack, buy some merch (the shirts and stickers are cool), order up a pint, and chat with the guys — they’re always willing to talk beer, breweries, bars, and good food. – scott mccrossen

Open: Daily, 11am – 7pm