Crescent City Steakhouse

Crescent City Steakhouse is an old school restaurant run as a New Orleans family tradition • 1001 N Broad St, New Orleans, LA 70119

crescent city steakhouse photo - nola places

Go for: Sizzling butter steaks in a Classic Old Style American dining room

This restaurant reminds me what New Orleans used to be like. It all began in 1934 and still today Crescent City Steakhouse it is a family owned business. The iconic sign continues to blink green and red lights outside the front door letting you know that you have arrived, and … there’s air conditioning (says so, right there on the front windows).

At Crescent City Steakhouse — sizzling plates come out with amazing steaks simmering in a hot buttery garlic sauce. The menu is pretty straight forward – STEAKS! Rib Eye, Filet, Porterhouse and T Bone. Something for everyone. There are appetizers, vegetables, salads and of course desserts but the main attraction is the USDA prime beef.

Try and get one of the tables that is behind a curtain. It is like a little private dining room. You will feel like you have been transported back into the 1940s. Although prices are not as low as they were back then, they are reasonable. There is an old jukebox that does play quietly in the background. Service is attentive although not invasive. Great for a date with your honey or a special occasion.

When it comes to Crescent City Steakhouse, some say it is old school. I say it is just plain delicious. – Christine Sory