Domino Sound Records

Domino Sound Records is a shop and a label. This tiny place stocks an array of local and global music in all genres. • 2557 Bayou Rd, New Orleans, LA 70119

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Go for: Vinyl albums, cassettes, and deep grooves

Domino Sound Record Shack is a delightful shop located on Bayou Road in New Orleans’ 7th Ward.

Domino Sound sits just off Broad St. in a one-block stretch that also includes Southern Rep Theatre, The Community Book Center, and a handful of eclectic restaurants.

And that makes it right at home, because Domino Sound can be described as eclectic, first and foremost. But, … aren’t all great record shops eclectic at heart?

Yes, they are, and this is no exception. Stop in to browse the crates, and “extract some records,” as Matt Knowles, the owner likes to say. The shop carries everything from African Beats to Zydeco, with a surprisingly good collection of punk, a small selection of metal, and rock — through the ages. It has a good section of local artists, too.

Not only is Domino Sound a record shop, it’s a record label, too.

The label part came after, when Knowles decided he just couldn’t find the types of music he wished he could find on store shelves. So he started a label, and got them into his own shop.

Since then he’s produced albums of Amharic wedding songs, an lp of songs by the Oromo singer Ali Birra, and lp of singles by an Eritrean guitarist. Yep! There’s that word eclectic, once again.

When it comes to music … Knowles is a person who knows what he wants, and he also know what he has yet to discover. I think that is the secret to a well run record shop, and I think it’s one of the secrets to creating something original — a place to call your own.

If you were born with music as an integral part of your life do yourself a favor and find Domino Sound. — Scott McCrossen