Fahy’s Irish Pub

Fahy’s Irish Pub is a friendly neighborhood place located at the back end of the French Quarter. Great staff, and fun regulars make this place feel like home. • 540 Burgundy St, New Orleans

Fahy's Irish Pub New Orleans, french quarter - nola places

Go for: a chill bar with good atmosphere, good drinks, great people

Fahy’s Irish Pub is a local watering hole that welcomes everyone from 21 years of age to 100 and everyone in between. Dogs welcome too.

Picture yourself walking along Burgundy Street in the French Quarter during summertime. You pass by a yellow building with green French doors that are propped open. You hear laughter ring out from the dim interior. Walking in, the air conditioning is working its’ magic, you encounter a large U-shaped bar surrounded by wooden bar stools and lit with various colored lights. The bartender smiles and says, “what can I get for you?” You have just entered one of the hidden gems in New Orleans’ French Quarter.

Is it an Irish pub? Well….define Irish.

If it is feeling welcome when you walk through the door, it’s Irish. If you sit down to hear stories from some of the regulars while the bartender pours you a pretty good Guinness, it’s Irish. If you come here for Irish music and the Gaelic language, then Fahy’s Irish Pub is not your Irish bar.

But, … It’s Fahy’s! So come on in, order a cold beer, play a game of pool, throw some darts, video poker is alive and well here too. If the Saints are playing on TV, you can bet your bottom dollar that all the televisions will be on the game. Ask Katie to pour you a Mind Eraser and find 3 more friends to join you in this interesting libation.

If you are lucky, Steve may be boiling crawfish just because. Who knows, you may end up doing an Irish jig on the way out of the door. Next time you’re in the French Quarter, treat yourself to a few rounds with friends at Fahy’s Irish Pub. – christine sory