Mama’s Place

Located in Old Metairie, just south of I-10, Mama’s Place is the kind of place you wanna keep coming back to. It’s a neighborhood bar, with classic charm, and a down home feel. • 1624 Hesiod St, Metairie

mama's place bar - old metairie - photo - nolaplaces, June, 2020

Go for: Outdoor garden seating, great bartenders, good grub.

This family owned place hits all the right notes. It’s like Cheers, with the added benefit of an outdoor space that we’ll label as “a beer garden in progress.”

Go to Mama’s Place, and meet friendly bartenders who eagerly chat with customers. Most folks come from Metairie, and many neighborhood people walk in from the surrounding few blocks.

Good drink prices, even when it’s not happy hour, attentive staff, and great food. I like to come on Wednesday nights for the stuffed bell pepper, which is served with cauliflower or broccoli au-gratin, and a side of smashed red potatoes. Friends join us on Wednesday’s because it’s steak night, but don’t forget the hot wings, and the quesadillas, too.

Next door neighbor is a lighting tech, and he’s been working his magic outside. There’s a beautiful  oak tree on the property, and now it’s lit with an array of illuminating colors.

There’s one pool table, a dart board, and video poker machines. TV’s for when those Saints games return, and the decor (don’t change a thing) — it’s all wood paneling, “Hello 1960s & 70s.”

The joint gets jumping on Thursday and Friday nights, plenty crowded, too during crawfish season during lent. This is a great place for Saturday afternoon drinks, or on a weekday after knocking off from work. – scott mccrossen