MoPho is near the edge of City Park, across from Delgado community college, and Chef Michael Gulotta does Pho in a way few could imagine or muster. Crack a cold one as you walk in the door. Things are about to get spicy. • 514 City Park Ave

mopho new orleans restaurant - nola places photos, june, 2020

Go For: Crispy Hot Wings, pork pho, and creative appetizers.

Those Crispy chicken wings are a must. They “bread” them in rice flower and fry them till tender and crunchy.  You can watch Chef Michael demonstrate the recipe in this video but let us know if you ever figure out what’s in the “MoPho secret sauce”. The caramel, fresh ginger, lemon grass and garlic makes them taste really good but whatever is in the secret sauce is what make them the best this side of the Pacific Ocean. 

Don’t let this humble little casual Pho spot fool you. Chef Gulotta is one of the most well trained chefs in the city. Prior to breaking out on his own he was the Executive Chef of August, one of New Orleans fanciest restaurants. Michael apparently took a strong interest in Asian cuisine as a young kid. After all of his training, in the US, Italy and Germany, and his storied career in upscale establishments, he returned to his childhood passion and created MoPho.

Their Pho and other South East Asian delights pull deeply from the traditions of that region and heritage while bringing a unique creative flare to this favorite cuisine. New Orleans, especially the West Bank, is known for its Pho.

It’s a laid back place that prides itself of great food and service . You’ll be waited on like you’re a regular, — sometimes, even by Chef, himself (gotta keep staff on their toes, and guests find it a nice treat). The outside patio provides additional space and you are surrounded by the homegrown spices and herbs you’ll soon be eating in whatever dish you ordered.

MoPho is famous for it’s wings but that’s not all. The Pho is to die for. Fresh tender meats and vegetables bathe in a broth that is cooked for a long time, and with great care. Their “Po-Mi” sandwiches offer a local take on the well known Banh Mi, but with a unique twist that can only come from a New Orleans born and raised chef. They keep you on your toes at MoPho, every day presents a new special creation from their kitchen, and that is only one of the reasons you’ll keep coming back. 

This is one of those places that other chefs, and kitchen staff from around town come to, to hang out. We think you should come to MoPho and hang out, too. – brent mccrossen