Patois Restaurant

Located on Laurel St., near the edge of Audubon Park, Patois is a quintessential neighborhood spot. Secure a reservation with a group of friends or just pop in with your better half to enjoy a cocktail and delicious bite at the bar. You’ll feel at home every time. • 6078 Laurel St, New Orleans, LA 70118 

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GO FOR: The most hospitable service you can imagine. Brunch … where the grits and grillades are so creamy and tender. Craft cocktails that hit the spot — without being pretentious. And … New year’s eve when Aaron and his crazy friends light up the neighborhood with a huge fireworks display.

Led by New Orleans’ “King of Seafood” — Aaron Burgau, Patios is tucked away in the uptown neighborhood, many steps away from the main drag of Magazine St., and very near to Audubon Park. When you step in you’ll feel like you’re walking into your own home. And you’ll be welcomed as such. The staff is personable and friendly. In talking with them, they feel like family and treat you as such.

Chef Aaron is one of the most laid back artisans you’ll ever meet.

But, believe us when we say he takes his craft seriously. He’s trained with the best and over the years he’s become one of NOLA’s best. Sunday brunch is relaxing. The weekend and weeknight dinners seem like a high affair but they always make you feel like you’re in your momma’s kitchen.

At Patois, they serve every meal with much love and care. – brent mccrossen