Pit Stop Lounge

A classic American roadside tavern that’s for all walks of life; at all hours of the day. In here: it’s Stones, Bud Heavy, light a cigarette, repeat. • 4117 Jefferson Hwy, Jefferson, LA 70121

the Pit Stop in Old Jefferson - a classic dive bar

Go for: Bike night, car shows, Nascar, and … the coldest beer in town.

The Pit Stop is the type of bar Tom Waits would crawl into.

It’s all dim lighting, deep juke box, two pool tables, American lager, and bar stools perched with regulars who just wanna shoot-the-shit, AND get their drink on. Oh, did we mention: It’s smoke free? As in, walk-in and all cigarette smoke is free for the taking because it fills the air 24/7 (pre-Covid hours).

The Pit Stop is located on Jefferson Highway in Old Jefferson. It sits in a cinder block building with low ceilings, and features enough neon to call you attention, and enough stickers / decals to pique any curiosity.

If you’ve got a bad liver and a broken heart — this bar is for you.

The Pit Stop has grit, the Pit Stop has edge; the Pit Stop is real. The place never closed following Hurricane Katrina, and though (the C-word-19) did cause it to shut doors for a few months, we’re happy to report, they’re back at it.

Cold bottled beer pulled from custom-made, insulated plywood bins, a tile floor that can be hosed down whenever it’s needed, and Nascar paraphernalia out the wazoo! It’s a biker bar, a locals bar, and a post-work stopping spot (no matter what the hour).

Come for bike nights, come for the weekend races, stop in to watch some football, or shoot some late night stick.

Be sure to check the calendar because The Pit Stop partners up with Bud’s Broiler, and sometimes with local food trucks or Crawfish caterers to host car shows in the large parking lot.

The Pit Stop is that kind of place where the past meets the future at the same time. Belly-up, there’s a kaleidoscope of classic Americana in there — at all times. – Scott McCrossen