The Rivershack Tavern

Located on historic River Road in Jefferson Parish, The Shack (as it’s known to regulars) is equal parts neighborhood bar, live music hall, sports pub, everyday lunch stop, and an all-around good times … gathering joint. • 3449 River Road Jefferson, LA 70121

GO FOR: Friendly staff, a cast of old-time regulars, crawfish (in season), outdoor seating, live music, and … good times after New Orleans Saints games – win or lose.

The first thing you notice when walking up to The Rivershack Tavern are the hand painted advertisements, dating from the 1940s, that showcase a bit of the 100+ year old building’s past. The second thing you notice (inside and out) is folks, from all walks of life, sitting back or standing shoulder-to-shoulder — having fun.

The Shack bills itself as New Orleans’ most unusual bar, and that’s quite a bold statement in a city that also is home to a bar featuring a neighborhood swimming pool, clothing optional, and an “always til sunrise” place called The Dungeon. To me, the only thing unusual about The Shack is that more places are not exactly like it — and I guess that’s a good thing because it makes this place special.

This Roadhouse is located right at the Mississippi River Levee, and just a few miles upriver from the Orleans parish line. Crowds pour in from nearby Ochsner Hospital at lunchtime, and sales reps frequently make it the spot to meet customers for a bite and a brew. Lunch specials daily from a creative staff in a great kitchen, and American-style diner / pub grub in the evening hours.

Crawfish, in season three days each week, and live music Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays year round.

The storied history of the place shows the building first appeared as Towes Bar & Grocery – Walter J. Teolet in 1900. That lasted until 1949. It was Slepter’s Bar in the early 50s, then Mrs. Golda Brooks’ Bar & Liquor store in the mid-50s. It was operated as the Riverside Inn in the 1960s and 70s, and opened newly christened as The Rivershack in 1990.

Come to discover quirky gems hidden amongst the collection of tacky ashtrays, marvel at the shear amount of paraphernalia on the walls (look for Ozzy & OJ), stay for the friends you’ll make and the people you’ll meet. — scott mccrossen