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at your fingertips — a unique, online guide dedicated to the passionate and creative citizens of New Orleans: The restaurateurs, the barkeeps, the shopkeepers, the community organizers, the bands, and the artisans — for the city we love, and those places that matter.

From the Lower Nine, to Algiers

and across all points in between … Nola Places covers Orleans, Jefferson, and St. Bernard parishes. If it’s home grown, it’s here. Click the button below to browse all listings.

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  • find hidden gems

    Your have to know where to look, and that’s why we train our eyes on the periphery. Of course, all the city’s mainstretm faves are listed, plus many a hidden gem, too.

  • be king or queen for a day

    Ever wish you could be king or queen of your own parade? Are you seeking to be pampered for a day? Either way - browse Nola Places - discover new spaces, and treat yourself like royalty.

  • get the best in local music

    Many locals swear that everything great about American music came from New Orleans. We won’t go that far, but it’s a starting point. From classic joints, to storied halls — we list the bands & venues, making sounds.